Procedural Rights in EU Law

APEUL - Tomas Krivka
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Welcome to the course of APEUL = Procedural rights in the EU. The course is based on homeworks prepared within groups and the oral defence of your answers within the class. The final grade is only based on your written answers and their oral defence within the class, there will be no final exam. Only students who will participate on all assignments can pass the course.

The schedule of the course is the following:

22/3/2017 Class with Lecture/Presentation + Assignment 1

29/3/2017 Class with Presentation of Group Answers†to Assignment 1

5/4/2017†No Class (homework in groups on assignment 2)

12/4/2017†Class with Presentation of Group Answers to Assignment 2

19/4/2017 Public Holiday (homework in groups on Assignment 3)

26/4/2017 Class with Presentation of Group Answers to†Assignment 3

3/5/2017†No Class (homework in groups on Assignment 4)

10/5/2017 Class with Presentation of Answers to†Assignment 4

17/5/2017 Final Assessment

Manager(s) for APEUL : Tomas Krivka
Administrator for Vżuka prŠva : JUDr.Tomas Pezl
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